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LabRunr is a utility / web server / database manager used for the scheduling and billing of KNI tools and lab use time. It consists of two main components:

  1. The web-facing user interface, where users can make and cancel reservations, check the live view of the lab, check the daily view of the lab, and other functions.
  2. Lab-facing interface (officially called InLabRunr), in which users access touchscreen computers inside the cleanroom to make and cancel reservations, start and stop equipment logins, and see the status of the equipment. It is a means to allow the KNI administration to track when and by whom the equipment is being used.

Web-facing user interface

LabRunr allows KNI members to schedule and reserve equipment inside the lab and remotely with a web interface.

LabRunr Reservations - Click on the link to login to LabRunr and schedule tool reservations.

For reservations that DO NOT follow the reservation policy, email the tool manager BEFORE scheduling. Your reservation can be cancelled at any time by the tool manager if it does not follow the tool reservation policy.

  • Check the Wiki tool page in the SOP or LabRunr Reservation Rules section for the rules for each tool.
  • You do not have access to make reservations when logged in:
  1. If you have been trained and qualified by the tool manager, email the tool manager to request your access be enabled.
  2. If you have not been trained, email the tool manager. In the email include:
    1. The process you want to use on the tool.
    2. Your schedule or available times throughout the week.

The staff manager will need to schedule their availability, your availability and the tools availability when scheduling. NOTE: For EQUIPMENT TRAINING, contact the tool owner via Email for scheduling - DO NOT USE Labrunr - Training Sessions.

  • If unable to login or forgotten password, contact KNI administrator - Jennifer Palmer

LabRunr Live Usage

  • Live Usage displays members that have scanned into the cleanroom and wet chemistry room. It also displays systems that are running and who is logged into the tool. Often used to locate members and where they may be working inside the cleanroom.

LabRunr Daily View

  • Displays LabRunr scheduled tool reservations. Can be used for checking tool availability when multiple tools need to be scheduled.

Lab-facing interface also called InLabRunr

InLabRunr accurately documents lab and tool use time for administration accounting.

  • Always scan into LabRunr when entering the lab B207.
    • If your name does not appear on the LabRunr door monitor, notify a KNI staff member.
  • Always scan out of LabRunr when exiting the lab B207. Listen to the door monitor to verify you have logged out of the tools properly.
    • If you forgot to STOP your session or forgot to START/STOP your session, contact the tool manager to update the system records so the billing records can be updated. Email the tool manager and include the Date, Start, and Stop time for the tool used.
  • START your session before using the tool.
    • This will unlock the system for your session and start the billing record. If the system does not unlock after logging into LabRunr, follow the instruction in the "LabRunr Troubleshooting Instructions" listed in the Resources section below.
  • STOP your session when you are finished.
    • This will end your session and lock the system. Your session will be billed for the total time used on the system.
  • Always scan into LabRunr before entering the Wet Chemistry Room inside the cleanroom.
    • If your name does not appear on the Wet Chemical Room door monitor, notify a KNI staff member. It is okay to use the Wet Chemistry Room if your name does not appear on the monitor.
  • Always scan out of LabRunr when leaving the Wet Chemistry Room.


General Reservation Policy

This is the General Reservation Policy. Check the tool Wiki page for any special reservation rules associated with that piece of equipment.

LabRunr Instructions (Quick Guide PDF)

LabRunr Troubleshooting Instructions: Follow these steps when the system will not unlock after logging into Labrunr.

LabRunr Interlock Box SOP: Detailed information on the Labrunr interlock box.